English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) Meeting on 11/7

November 7, 2023
All Day

If you are a parent of an English Learner, we would love to have you join us for our second English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) meeting of the year on Tuesday, November 7, from 3:10-4:10 p.m. in room 113.  Our meetings cover many topics that are important and relevant to parents of English Learners including: programs and services that are available at the school site, school policies and procedures, and information regarding identification, placement, and reclassification of students.  In addition, we provide input to the school as to how to best spend school funds in support of our EL students.  Our ELAC meetings are also a forum for parents to ask questions and talk about the school and how best it can meet the needs of our students.  It’s also a great way for parents from many different cultures to get connected with the school and with each other.  At this meeting, we will be discussing topics from questions generated by parents at our last ELAC meeting, the ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessment of California), Reclassification, the SPSA (School Plan for Student Achievement, and language census data.  For questions about ELAC, please contact EL Lead Teacher, Sherilyn Cammarato at SherilynCammarato@iusd.org.  We hope to see you there!