Venado Instagram @venadoiusd

January 9, 2019
Instagram Logo

In December, we launched Venado’s first Instagram account @venadoiusd. The account will be used to highlight many of the wonderful things that happen on our campus. As of the date of the publishing of this article, we have 284 followers. We will also continue to update our News Center and Calendar and Events pages of our website with important school information at the beginning of each month. We invite students, parents and community members to follow us @venadoiusd. At Venado, we explicitly teach digital citizenship and reinforce the message that all students are expected to follow the Venado HONOR Code not only at school, but in the home and in the community. This includes online. Here’s a great article for parents and how to keep kids safe on Instagram: We look forward to interacting with you on Instagram.

~ Luis Torres, Principal