Venado Athletes at the Irvine Junior Games in May - Results

tennis shoes in the air

Congratulations to all of our Irvine Junior Games athletes! Venado had over 45 athletes compete on Sunday, May 5. Here are the Knights that brought home a total of 17 medals:


Bronze - Brendan C.

Boys’ Soccer Kick:

Silver - Lucas T.

Bronze - Michael T.

Girls’ Soccer Kick:

Gold – Kalia K.

Bronze - Ashley G.

Girls’ Long Jump:

Gold - Cymarah G.

Girls’ Basketball Shot:

Gold for Grade 8 - Kailey S.

Gold for Grade 7 - Sienna P.

Bronze for Grade 7 - Kaylie S.

Boys’ 100-meter:

Bronze for Grade 8 – Nathan S.

Bronze for Grade 7 - Cameron K.

Girls’ 100-meter:

Silver - Ashley G.

Bronze - Cymarah G.


Bronze - Nathan S.

Girls’ Relay for Grade 7:

Silver - Kalia K., Danielle R., Waverly S., and Cymarah G.

Boys’ Relay for Grade 8:

Bronze – Robbie S., Jonathan L., Lucas T., and Nathan S.

Girls’ Relay for Grade 8:

Bronze – Maya S., Rachel N., Cyan W. and Ashley G.

Great job to all of our athletes that participated! Way to go, Knights!

~Natalie Leimback, P.E. Teacher