As the school year begins, I encourage parents to actively monitor their children’s progress. Even though adolescents begin to seek greater levels of independence at this age, they still need your strong guidance and support. It’s important to know what your child’s assignments are in each class, as well as project due dates, test dates, and class grades.

All Venado teachers use Canvas to post assignment due dates and project/test dates on a class calendar. Canvas allows parents/guardians to see all of their child’s assignments in all classes on one calendar. To set up your Canvas account, please see the Canvas Parent Account Guide on our website (this information is also provided on page VII of the Student Planner). There is also a Canvas Mobile App for Apple iOS and Android devices. Please see the Canvas Parent Account Mobile App document for information about how to set up and use the App. For step-by-step directions on how to view your child’s assignments on Canvas, please see the How to Use Canvas Calendar to See My Child's Homework document on our website. Please give teachers sufficient time to populate their calendars at the beginning of the year. Calendars will be updated regularly by teachers throughout the school year.

Another way parents can monitor their child’s progress in each class is by viewing teacher gradebooks on the Parent Portal routinely throughout the year. Teacher gradebooks will be set up by teachers at the beginning of the school year. For instructions on how to view gradebooks on the Parent Portal, please see the Quick Guide for Viewing Gradebooks on the Parent Portal (this information is also on page VI of the Student Planner.)

All parents and guardians are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with Venado’s Homework Policy (the policy is also included on page IV of the Student Planner). The policy was revised last year and provides guidance for students, parents and teachers about homework. As part of the policy, teachers coordinate the assignments of major assignments such as projects and tests to ensure balanced workloads. The policy also defines academic breaks.

~ Luis Torres, Principal