January 26, 2019 & February 6, 2019
Science sign

Interested in this year’s IUSD Science Fair or Irvine Valley College’s Astounding Inventions Competition? If so, you have plenty of time to be part of these science and engineering opportunities! If you happen to

be a student who is curious about science and engineering practices and are interested in displaying your Venado pride at either of these events, then please see Mr. Evans for additional information during Tutorial hours. This year’s IUSD Science Fair will be held on Wednesday, February 6 at Northwood High School, while Astounding Inventions will be held at Irvine Valley College on Saturday, January 26. Both events are great opportunities to apply your experimental and engineering talents outside of the classroom in a competitive environment that celebrates each student’s effort. In short, hope to see you at either of these events.

~ Bob Evans, Science Department Chair