The district office will be opening the Parent Portal for final class schedule viewing on Wednesday, August 21 after 5:00 p.m. Unlike the schedules that were distributed at our Knights Roundup event, this schedule will list periods, teacher names, and classroom numbers. Please print out the schedule and make sure your child has it on the first day of school. If you are not able to print one out, no problem. All students will receive a copy of their final class schedule in Homeroom on their first day of school. Staff members will be available to assist students who show up that morning without knowing who their Homeroom teacher is this year. We will be accepting schedule change requests if there is a program or placement change needed due to an error; however, we are unable to take requests for class period, specific teacher or elective changes. The last day to submit a schedule change request is Tuesday, August 27. Schedule Change Request Forms are available in the front office.

~ Luis Torres, Principal